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Athletic Board & Coaches

Fatima Falcons Athletics

This year's coaches will be updated once both the board and school administration has reviewed the list of volunteers! 
Coaches and Board
Cross Country
   Head Coach:  Tony DelTondo 
       Assistant Coaches: Rodney Gurosko and Julie Fadden
Varsity Soccer
Head Coach: Brian Baker
Assistant Coaches: Brad Shields and Rachael Kriger
JV Soccer
Head Coach: Brad Shields
Assistant Coach: Josh McCullough 
3rd/4th Grade Soccer
   Head Coach: Brian Fadden
  Assistant Coach:  Anne Dushac
1st/2nd Grade Soccer
  Head Coach: Brian Baker and David Baker
   Assistant Coach: 
Girls Varsity Basketball
Head Coach: Brian Todd
Assistant Coaches: Chris Kovell, Rachael Kriger and Angelique Chadish
Girls JV Basketball
Head Coach: Tony Del Tondo
Assistant Coaches:  Kat Armazanni and Tracy Shields
Girls JJV Basketball
Head Coach: Ashlee Kovell
Assistant Coach: Tony Del Tondo
Boys Varsity Basketball
    Head Coach:  Chris Kovell
Assistant Coaches: Norm Kraus, Andy Kraus, Matt Belculfine
  Boys JV Basketball
         Head Coach:  Natalie Irwin and Andy Kraus
Assistant Coaches: Brad Shields 
   Boys JJV Basketball
Head Coach:  Brian Fadden & Zach Dushac
Assistant Coaches: Adrienne Kaminsky
Head Coach:  Sarah Ambrose
Assistant Coaches: Christina DelTondo
OLOF Athletic Executive Board
Athletic Director:  Tony Del Tondo
Assistant Athletic Director: Brad Shields
Treasurer:  Chris Kovell
Secretary:  Christina DelTondo
Head of Concessions: Natalie Irwin
School Consultant: Melissa Catanzarite
Head of Gym Uniforms and Spirit Wear: Anne Dushac