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Discipline Policy

Our Lady of Fatima School’s administration and faculty are committed to teaching and modeling Gospel values to encourage students to live their lives as a reflection of Christ.  The philosophy of the school strives to recognize and respect the dignity of each person and to offer a positive, Christ-centered, safe learning environment based on the Social Teachings of the Church.  Discipline is considered an element of moral guidance not a form of punishment.
Every teacher and staff member shares the responsibility to model appropriate behavior and to support the structure necessary for learning self-discipline.  Students are encouraged to assume responsibility for the actions, develop self-control, and accept responsibility and consequences for inappropriate behavior.
As a matter of safety, students are expected to behave in the following manner:

  Before school students are expected to…
1.  Arrive after 7 a.m. and be dropped off at the front entrance.
2.  Report to homeroom.
3.  Engage in Accelerated Reading
4.  Line up quietly when the bell rings.

  In school students are expected to…
1.  Walk quietly through the halls.
2.  Use proper language.
3.  Respect school property and the property of others.

  In the classroom students are expected to…
1.  Follow the rules of the classroom teacher.
2.  Be responsible for submitting completed work on time and making up assignments within a reasonable amount of time.
3.  Have a respectful attitude towards teachers and one another.
4.  Be honest in all communications.
5.  Use computers and school equipment appropriately.

  During lunch students are expected to…
1.  Mind their manners.
2.  Remain seated until finished eating and asked to line up.
3.  Clean up, pick up all papers, scraps of food, etc. and dispose of them properly.
4.  Obey rules and supervisors at all times.

  After school students are expected to…
1.  Follow dismissal procedures.
2.  Walk to assigned dismissal locations.
3.  Immediately leave the school grounds with their parent/guardian.
4.  Immediately return to the building if their designated parent/guardian is not present.
5.  Sign in to extended day if they are not picked up by 2:15 p.m.

  At athletic events and assemblies students are expected to…
1.  Practice good sportsmanship and respect spectators and participants.
2.  Show respect towards coaches, referees, and visiting teams.
3.  Maintain an appropriate silence during special performances.

            Be aware that any disrespect, destructive act, or inappropriate behavior will be dealt with accordingly.  If an individual student does not meet his/her personal responsibility for good conduct, the school may discipline the student.
The severity or repetitive nature of non-compliance of behaviors will determine the appropriate consequences.  To remediate unacceptable behavior, the following actions may be taken (not necessarily in this order):
1. Teacher-student conference to develop a plan for remediation
2. Notification to parents
3. Administrative referral
4. School service required
5. Loss of recess
6. Detention
7. Denial of participation in school activities
8. School SAP or E-SAP team
9. School probation
10. Suspension

  A Christ-centered school environment fosters the following behaviors:
1.  Recognizing and fostering the uniqueness and dignity of each individual
2.  Nurturing respect in all relationships involving school and parish community
3.  Developing a sense of rights and responsibilities and commitment to the entire school and parish community.
To this end the administration, faculty, and staff have incorporated component of both the Marvin Marshall Teaching Model and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.  Links to more information about these programs are available on Our Lady of Fatima’s school website.